Anne Bacheley
Station Life CD EP

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After a couple of homemade releases which revealed her to the underground pop scene,
Anne Bacheley is back with 6 new D-I-Y tracks, including a Kahimi Karie cover.

Plastic People Foundation
Le French Touch 10"

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Plastic People Federation
are back with their most danceable post industrial track ever done, with some controversial samples "from a time when not only Paris was burning"(!).
This is the missing anthem which will accommodate the gothic industrial party DJs as well as the ones from the trendy Parisian soirees. Limited edition of 400 copies.

Pravda vs Perverse Teens
Buzzcocks vs Metal Urbain covers 7" EP

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Split project between two new french bands. Perverse teens is the side projects of famous french post industrial outfit PPF, they cover 2 tracks from legendary punk french band Metal Urbain.

Pravda is a parisian electro punk duo with both female and male singers, they cover 2 tracks from the english punk band the Buzzcocks.